5 Things Not Good for You or The Environment

With the Environmental crisis awareness at an all time high, we are asking ourselves what we can do to help prevent waste, CO2 emissions and reverse some of the human caused damage. So, let's talk about '5 things that are not good for you or the environment'.

1. Deodorant - There are some theories on the market that deodorants have been known to contribute to breast cancer in women. Many contain aluminum which blocks sweat glands and is a well known water pollutant destroying aquatic life. One of the worst deodorants is the kind that you spray, aerosol deodorants affect ground level ozone layers which contributes to smog. If you take the bus to work to help reduce your impact, you are undoing your impact by spraying aerosol deodorants. There are lots of more natural products out there including charcoal deodorant. You may be like me where switching or reducing deodorant actually leads to a decrease in the need for deodorant. It is now a very rare occasion when I wear deodorant, you may not have the same luxury, but by changing and reducing your use you may find that the deodorant you were using was actually causing you to sweat more or smell worse over time instead of better.

There are many healthy options to deodorants at your local drug store such as La Roche Posay pictured above (blue and white bottle). You can also check out your local health or natural store; here are some online options - Native and Schmidt's

If you like to read more about the Top 10 Reasons why Deodorants are bad you can visit Natural Quest Products.

2. Sugar - We all know sugar is bad, but do we understand how bad? Along with causing diabetes, weight gain, cravings, depression, acne, fatigue and aging, it also has a huge negative effect on the environment. It contributes to land clearing, overuse of water, chemical and air pollutants. This to me sounds like the perfect time to cut back on sugar and since I significantly reduced my intake of sugar, I noticed that my hair becomes less greasy, a decrease in acne and a significant decrease in fatigue and depression. Cutting down on sugar sounds good for your body and for the environment

Find out more at 11 Reason Why Sugar is Bad For You or Sugar and the Environment.

Nartual sugar alternatives which can be easily substituted in your food - Maple Syrup, Stevia, Raw Honey and Agave Syrup, if you have any more suggestions, I would love to hear about them in the comment box below.

3. Make-Up - As a woman, I can certainly say how much more confident wearing make-up can make me feel, but we all need to be more aware of the negative impact it is having on our skin and on the environment. Though many woman use make-up to cover acne, make-up can actually be the cause of the problem, it can also cause eye infections, infertility, hair problems and premature aging. So, all of the those issues you think you have that you may be trying to cover up are actually making your skin worse! There has been a lot of talk in the cosmetic industry about leading the change in the environment because all of that packaging for all of the make-up we are using is bad. Brands like Tarte (Gluten Free, Cruelty Free, Organic), Elate Cosmetics (Ethical, Environmentally Friendly) and Crawford Street Natural Skin Care (Cruelty Free, Ethical and Chemical Free) are beginning to create environmentally friendly, ethical products and including them in packaging which is either made from recycled plastic and other recyclables or they are using glass and biodegradable packaging. Buying from brands like this is going to make a huge impact moving forward.

4. Soap (including shampoo) - I am not saying stop using all soap and stop being a clean person, but here are some interesting things that you should know! Soap can strip your skin of lipids, lipids are a good thing! Lipids help to keep your skin soft, protect from disease and are core building block in the layer of your skin. Soap kills bacteria which can be bad because it also kills the good bacteria. In shampoos, you can strip your scalp and hair of important nutrients and natural oils that it needs to continue to look and be healthy. Soaps containing phosphates and sulfates contribute negatively to the environment by polluting water which leads to harmful algae blooms and contribute to green house gases in their production.

Where are sulfates found? In shampoos, liquid soap, laundry detergent, dish detergent, toothpaste and bath bombs. There are now many options for sulfate and phosphate free soap wherever you regularly pick up your soap, simply check the bottle as it should be labeled right on the bottle such as Yves Rocher photographed above.

To learn more check out Should You Be Going Sulfate Free?.

5. Bathing - Okay, by now you might be thinking "okay, you told me to change my deodorant, you told me to change the soap I use and to stop wearing harmful make-up, now you're telling me not to bathe, are you crazy?!" Here is the thing, there has been a lot of research which states you do not need to shower everyday and when reducing the amount of showers you take, you will find that this is actually true. You may hear some people saying "I shower once every two to three days" or even "I only shower once a week", this is entirely possible. If you are a gym goer or play sports regularly, I completely understand the need to rinse yourself at the gym after each workout. But, for the average person, having a full shower daily (or for some people twice a day) where you are washing your hair and having a scrub down is not necessary. Try it, I dare you! I started by showering once every other day and I now find I only need it about once every three days, for me a week is pushing it, but if you have that capability, go for it! Reducing your shower amounts will also decrease your water bill, decrease water waste (better for the environment) and decrease the pollutants you are putting into the environment (ex. soaps and deodorants).

For more information check out I Shower Once a Week. Here's Why You Should Too.

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