First Steps to Helping the Planet

So much talk about the environment can be overwhelming! This year it may even by in your New Years Resolutions, but what happens a lot of the time is we get really excited about saving the planet, reducing our impact and reversing our effects, then we take a look at our lives and a week or a month pass by and suddenly it feels like we have not made an impact or we have reverted about to old habits. As I mentions in Reduce! Reuse! Recycle! we do not have to suddenly start living a minimalist lifestyle to help reduce our impact the planet. I highly recommend watching Tidying up with Marie Kondo on Netflix if you haven't already. She has some great tips and tricks to organize your life and ultimately reduce your waste, recycle your products and rediscover the things you need in your life and the things that you have too much of.

Below are some simple everyday things that we can do to help.

1. Recycle - Recycling doesn't only mean putting your items in the recycle bins, this can also mean giving away your furniture or products that you no longer use to a donation location, selling old kitchen items that are still in good condition or taking your items to a recycle location that may have capabilities that your local pick-up does not. There are battery and electronic recycle locations that could help reduce the amount of metal and electronics going back into the earth.

2. Reuse - Whether you are starting out in a new home or picking up something for an exsisting home, try buying used items. There are plenty of amazing options on kijiji, facebook marketplace, craig's list or your local second hand or Re-Store. You can also swap used items with friends such as clothes or borrow power tools instead of buying new ones for one time use.

3. Reduce - If you are following the above two tips, you are well on your way to reducing your impact! Reducing what you consume and putting your thinking cap on, you can easily come up with unique ways to reduce what you are buying. I am not saying take everything in your home and throw it out, but what I do suggest is buying less going forward and look into rental options. For example, home hardware stores such as Rona or Lowe's have equipment rental options, there are also Rent-A-Tree options for Christmas Trees and even dress rental options for prom or your wedding.

Below are a few more tips that are super simple and easy to integrate into your life to aid your first steps to help the planet.

4. Reusable shopping bags - These are sold all over the place and are so easy to pick up at your local grocery store, clothing store or flea market.

One thing that you may not have considered in using mesh bags to pick out fruit! These bags are slightly harder to get your hands on, but they have them at your local Dollar Store, on Amazon and consider using a mesh laundry bags (originally created for your socks or lingerie) as you may already own one.

5. Rid Yourself of Plastic Bag and Sandwich Bags - There are many options instead of plastic bags including bees wax wraps, glass or metal containers and reusing packaging of food items that you have purchased from the store. For example, reusing yogurt containers to hold your left overs.

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