Red Bull Outliers

Downtown Calgary hosts the Red Bull Outliers one of a kind Enduro-cross Race Course for riders from amateur to pro on August 27, 2022 from 11am to 5pm. Racing 14 riders at a time, this custom designed closed course race is going to be action packed with over 200 participants.

Local Albertan, Shane Cuthbertson designed a unique enduro-cross course for riders to challenge themselves over various obstacles, "it is going to be interesting to say the least, for the amateur riders" he says as he talks about the complicated obstacles.

Training out of the Wild Rose Motocross Park, Shane designed this Red Bull Outliers endurance race to bring in elements of cross country riding with logs, tires, ramps and rails. With many of the obstacles going to the Wild Rose Motocross Park after the race, he wanted the course to challenge both amateur riders and pro riders.

A course like this has never been put in Downtown Calgary and took 10 years to put together, making this a historic race for Red Bull, the riders and Calgary!

Shane wanted to make sure that all riders who registered had the chance to ride in the stunning location. The Red Bull Outliers 2022 races will be jam packed with up to 14 riders at one time as over 200 participants registered, with 30 professional athlete from around the world including Canada's own Jess Pettis and amateur racer Lexi Pechout.

The first day will be held at Olympic Plaza in Downtown Calgary with the second race day being held in Steveville, the Badlands of Alberta.

Spectators can watch for free outside the barriers of the race course. Join Red Bull, Tourism Calgary and Downtown Calgary as this Red Bull Outliers Motocross Enduro race challenges riders of all levels and ages.