Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Updated: Jan 2

Why did I decide to add positive sustainability mission to my blog?

I have always been passionate about the environment. The town I lived in used to have an excellent recycling program (Cochrane, AB). You could recycle everything from plastic bags to metal and glass to Styrofoam. I remember having fights with my family because they weren't recycling properly. I have always wanted to have a hybrid vehicle, but I also want to live in my means which made it hard for me to do so. I have always had the motto in my head of 'reduce, reuse, recycle', which I am pretty sure is from first grade when I first learned about recycling.

There are many arguments for and against the environmental impact that humans are having on the world. I once thought that recycling was doing my part, but after research has come out showing how much of our 'recycled' products actually don't get recycled, more and more of us are realizing it's not enough.

Though many people are still highly uneducated on how to recycle properly and many areas do not have proper recycling depots, I have decided to expand my horizons and my knowledge on what I can be doing before a product gets into the hands of a consumer who then needs to recycle it.

Back in the day (you know way way back before we were born), people had maybe three outfits. One for day use, one for formal occasions and one for church. People used renewable products because it's all they had: trees, cotton, metal, glass. People did not have more than they needed in their house. People made due with what they had and repaired broken appliances, cars and toys much more easily than people do now.

Fast forward to now where people have decided that repairing broken things is useless and annoying. That buying the latest, greatest thing is a must; to some it's a requirement, it's a need, it's a status symbol.

They are also people who are living a minimalist lifestyle, people are beginning to educate themselves on clean, organic, ethical products and zero emissions homes with renewable resources. And now, there are brands who would like to help you do just that.

There are brands like Ten Tree, which in my opinion has become a status symbol. It's an easily recognizable brand and they may not have been the first, but they certainly have made

the most waves. In Canada, it takes much longer for us to get products that are new and unique and in this case, environmentally friendly is a 'new, unique' thing. Brands like Ten Tree are the reason behind my finally switching over and committing to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Moving forward, I may not be perfect in the ways that I manage my sustainability, but I will be doing my best. I will be educating myself further and doing what I can to be the best that I can be. I want to learn from anyone who has new, interesting ideas on how they are combating climate change and living a more sustainable life. I will continue to use the motto or reduce, reuse, recycle and I want to share how to do that better!

See you soon!