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Updated: Feb 1

There are many stories being told on the existence of human caused climate change; is it our fault and will it kill us?!

Real facts are:

1. The garbage we have been shoving into our planet has not been biodegrading. Plastics do not actually disappear after their creation, they do not separate into their original chemicals... they just become smaller and smaller pieces of plastic polluting eco systems and water. The plastics in the ocean are not only killing ocean life, but the ocean absorbs massive amounts of CO2 and if everything in it dies, we will too.

2. Clearing our land of trees and polluting our oceans is causing massive negative effects that we will only come to regret; it is fact that we produce CO2 faster than the ocean and biosphere can absorb it. With the huge fires over the last few years in Australia, California, Brazil and BC, we have put our planet rehabilitation years behind.

3. There are many simple ways that we can help reverse climate change and reduce the production of fossil fuels, check out First Steps to Helping The Planet. If you read that and thought "I already know that", then head over to 5 Things not good for you or the environment to see some surprising things that are negatively effecting your life and the environment!

Still not convinced that everything we do is leaving a footprint; whether it be good or bad?The videos below are powerful, game changing videos made to educate you on the changes happening and the potential massive negative effects that are possible if we do not do something about it now. The first video was inspired by the following 4 videos, please enjoy!

Planet Earth Needs Climate Change Now:

Earth by Lil' Dicky:

50 minutes to Save the World:

Plastic Ocean by the United Nations:

Save Our Planet by Xudoyreal:

Do you have any video recommendations? I would love to hear about them!

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