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Time In Amsterdam

Amsterdam is best known for it’s museums and culture, my time in Amsterdam focused on seeing the architecture and as many museums as time would allow (which ended up being 5)! I not only visited some of the most popular museums, I also visited the Zoo, Aquarium, Science Center, Floating Flower Market and a microscopic museum called Micropia. Though Amsterdam is full of museums, I quite enjoyed walking the streets and experiencing everything that Amsterdam had to offer which included street music, architecture, a maze of canals and cute cafes which lit up the streets at night. Having visited the Banksy exhibit, I was now able to compare my time in Amsterdam to the Banksy exhibit in Toronto, both were amazing with unique art and history on display at each location.

Four episodes below!

Thank you for checking out my time in Amsterdam, let me know what was your favourite spot and where you wish to visit next!

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