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About Canadian Kelsey

After years of searching, Canadian Kelsey discovered that her true passion in life was solo travel and connecting on a deeper level. Traveling is not only about visiting new places, but also about personal growth and self-discovery. Kelsey has always loved the idea of travel and shares her experiences with others, but she struggled to understand her true "why" behind her passion.


After watching a video asking "why do you produce content", she had an epiphany! She had desired to drive when she was 14, yearning for the freedom to leave and started traveling when she was 16, to distance herself from a life that was overwhelming her. She realized that travel had always been an escape for her, a way to become a new person and leave behind the life she felt trapped in.

Kelsey has been to over 30 countries and has learned that traveling alone can be a powerful tool for overcoming fears, gaining confidence and finding inner peace. Having struggled with mental health for many years, Kelsey used travel as a way to escape her everyday life and discovered a whole new person waiting to shine. Kelsey wants to share her stories and advice with you in hopes that it will inspire you to plan your own solo journey and to improve your mental well-being.

About The Blog

After a funny joke in the back of a taxi cab in New York City in 2011, Canadian Kelsey's journey began on social media. She quickly saw the potential of Instagram as a photo-first platform and began her career as a travel blogger, sharing her experiences and insights from her travels to over 30 countries, and capturing the unique moments through her photography.

Kelsey expanded her knowledge of photography to be able to capture the essence of culture of the area and unique places that would inspire people to visit one day. Through sharing more of her personal story and building a community on TikTok and Instagram, Kelsey aims to help others find joy, self-discovery and positivity by exploring everday adventures, different cultures and taking solo journeys.

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