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Best Place to Find Cherry Blossoms in Toronto

After spending some time in downtown Toronto this week and having a botanist tell me that this is the best week to snap some pictures of the cherry blossoms trees; I was pretty determined to find the best spot!

Would you rather…..


My answer would have initially been the left photo, which was taken in High Park, but the photo on the right turned out to be a much more desirable location!

After hearing on the radio that High Park is the best place to go, I had to check it out!

…it was beautiful and I happened to go on such a perfect day weather wise, but I was slightly disappointed. Even though I had gone on a week-day and had gone during the middle of the day; I was very surprised to see how many people were there! I thought the trees would be covered in flowers and I thought that there would be some low hanging branches to smell some blossoms up close and personal, but you will more likely end up with something like this….

…but I was determined and decided that my quest to find the best spot was not over just yet! I heard that Trinity Bellwoods Park was a good place for the blossoms as well, but again I was disappointed with the amount of people. Both High Park and Trinity Bellwoods turned out poorly because they are both very easily accessible by transit. After walking around the city unable to find a place that spoke to me; I decided to head home! As luck would have it; the universe had decided to tell me that my mission was not over! I found the cutest little patch of Cherry Blossom tress on Cherry Street (go figure!) just off Lake Shore Boulevard. This little patch of trees is slightly secluded. It is accessible by both bus and car with lots of free street parking. Its off the beaten path, contains a small zen garden in the center AND has amazing trees covered in blossoms with low hanging branches!

So, if your goal is to get that insta-worthy instagram post of Cherry Blossom trees in Toronto, Cherry Street might be your best bet! Lots of usable angles, including one with the CN Tower! The trees are just covered in cherry blossoms, there is lots of street parking, no people in the background and there are branches that hang down so you can really feel apart of nature without having to destroy nature to get your shot!

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