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Best Travel Insurance For Canadians

Having traveled around the world, having extended my trips while abroad and having changed destinations WHILE TRAVELING causes issues for many travel insurance companies. World Nomad Travel Insurance gave me the flexibility to buy travel insurance after the trip has started, add multiple destinations on different continents and they are the most price conscious.

They made it super easy for my to plan my trip and add destinations as needed. For example my past trip included Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, Dubai and Amsterdam, adding all these countries on a regular travel insurance was either extremely difficult, if not impossible, or extremely expensive! I am so glad to have stumbled across World Nomad Travel insurance.

Best Travel Insurance for Canadians CanadianKelsey

World Nomad gives you a clear layout of what is covered, the option to upgrade if you feel you’d like more coverage and making a claim was simple. In addition, is super easy to look up what it not covered, there is no digging around necessary; simply click the menu and click “activities”. Here is a sample of the sporting activities included:

If you find a better or similar insurance option, please leave a comment and let me know! If you have been struggling, make sure to check out World Nomad Travel insurance.

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