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Experience Vietnam: Motorbike Crash, Stunning Beauty and The Sights

(…continued from See Ho Chi Minh City the right way and Everything You Need to Know About Motorbiking in Vietnam)

Experience Vietnam the way I did; through this video which includes my motorcycle crash, views of the main sights and some shots of the stunning beauty! Experience Vietnam is my video on traveling through Vietnam. Make sure you subscribe so that I can keep making stunning content for you guys!

As I hinted at in a few of my other posts, I may have been involved in a crash or two in Vietnam! One which I caught on camera! We were visiting La Gi, a small coastal town not privy to too many tourists. The locals made us feel extra special, the school kids would always wave as we drove by and when passing us on the streets they always smiled and said “Hello!”. We think that they were so excited to be able to practice a little bit of English that even the smallest interaction made them feel special; it sure made us feel special! It made us feel welcome and at home!

We decided to take a ride to the ocean from the small town. It wasn’t too far away and we were excited to see the beaches at the water! We only took two bikes there, so we were both riding tandem, which means…. we were going to film the entire ride there! However, our filming got cut short when this happened….

Special Thanks to @gotherodeo for the crash music!

I was unable to fully capture all the beauty via video so I have uploaded some stunning pictures, check them out here!

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