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Experience the Prestige and History of Harvard University on this Virtual Tour

Updated: Jan 24

A quick trip from Toronto to Boston for the weekend requires a Boston Trip Planner to make sure you don’t miss anything. Boston is the place to be if you want to experience going to Harvard just like Elle Woods did in Legally Blonde. Or, if you want to actually attend, it is one of the United States of America's oldest Ivy League Universities. Ivy League got its name simply because the buildings were old and covered in Ivy vines! This Boston Harvard Tour winds through the beautiful streets on a rainy day in Boston.

Harvard Self Guided Walking Tour

Harvard is held to a gold standard when it comes to education and is looked upon highly on resumes in the working world. Best known for its education around Law, the beautiful campus with old brick buildings covered in vines is the perfect place to absorb some of the intelligence in the air. "They say if you want to be smarter, be around smarter people", that's the saying, right? If you check online on the Harvard Website. you can find a PDF map of the Harvard Yard. You can do a self guided walking Harvard tour by listening to the corresponding audio files also found on the Harvard University website.

Harvard Self Guided Walking Tour

The Boston Harvard tour has to start with food, after all you can’t walk around with a rumbling tummy! Here is the map of the approximate route that seems to cover most of its Harvard grounds and surrounding buildings. The first stop is the infamous Boston Burger company. The Boston Burger Company Restaurant was featured on ‘Diner, Drive-Ins and Dives’. Choose a cozy table and take a look at the scrumptious menu full of all sorts of specialised burgers. Order your mains, but

Harvard Boston Itinerary Planner CanadianKelsey

don't forget that Rachel Ray had the notorious #FREAKFRAPPES and you have to try one for yourself. If you are a diabetic or lactose intolerant, it is probably best to avoid this part because there is more sugar and dairy in a spoonful of the Freak Frappes than you've probably had in your life! If you didn't get a main, you could probably handle one of these by yourself, if you did get a main, this chocolate drizzled ice cream shake with m&ms and whip cream on top is the perfect item to split.

After filling up your tummies, let your food digest as you wander your way through the rainy, winding streets of Boston. The weather in Boston can be quite rainy, but don't let it stop you from enjoying the architectural beauty of Boston. Many young students often dream of visiting Harvard, so walk up the steps to the Harvard Library and envision yourself standing next to the greatest lawyers, thinkers and inventors. These steps have been featured in many movies, so you could even imagine yourself as a famous actor! As a tourist, you can not actually enter the building (or most buildings) without a student pass or tour. Harvard has students all year round, so they are protecting their peace and quiet in the library.

Harvard Boston Itinerary Planner CanadianKelsey

After wandering through the Harvard Yard full of big old trees, don’t forget to visit Harvard Square! Though most of Legally Blonde was not actually filmed at Harvard, one scene was filmed in Harvard Square. After snapping a

Harvard Boston Itinerary Planner CanadianKelsey

few pictures, check out the Graduate School grounds, the administration building and Cambridge Commons, your next stop should be to one of the largest faculties and reasons to go to Harvard; the prestigious law school. This common area captured below had a beautiful garden and stone work.

This concludes the Boston Harvard Tour. If you are visiting Harvard, you are likely to be interested in the Boston Trip Planner, see you there!

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