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Hike Moraine Lake and Banff National Park

The stunning beauty of my hometown… or rather home city, is never forgotten no matter how far away I travel, so this Youtube video gives you a little road trip from Calgary to Banff and back!

Calgary which is situated in a large valley, is close to the Rocky Mountains. The mountains bring with them their own unique weather patterns that are sometimes quite unpredictable! The snow capped peaks give an incredible contrast to the powder blue or emerald green waters of the lakes throughout the mountains. I hope that in this blog you will be able to see the beauty that living in Western Canada offers.

The first stop is an early morning in Moraine Lake, if you want to be able to drive into the parking lot, you will have to arrive before 5am to get a spot! Boy, is it ever worth it!

Definitely take a picnic and hike around Moraine Lake, enjoy the bright blue waters and emerald green trees and depending on the time of year you might even get some snow capped mountain peaks and an incredible water reflection. You can rent a kayak or canoe and take it out onto the water.

Let your mind wander, let the wind run through your hair, put down the camera and enjoy the bird sounds and fresh air.

After spending the morning at Moraine Lake, head into Banff for some shopping, incredible scenery or a bite to eat. The town of Banff is situation within a National Park which means all buildings must be approved by government, which can make growth difficult. This is way many things in Banff are higher end and pricer items. You can get a horse and buggy ride or grab a scoop of ice cream from Cow’s Ice Cream (it’s the best).

Banff National Park never runs out of beauty.

Photographer: Jason Newell

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