Hunter Valley Wine Region

Hunter Valley Wine Region

One of the beautiful wine regions of Australia is Hunter Valley, known mainly for its whites, but also produces some reds. Is accessible by transit, however, you will need a car or tour guide to actually go around to each location you are interested in.

Our hosts from air b’n’b (Check out Chilling Out In Woy Woy Australia for details) had a work trip up in Hunter Valley, so we got the amazing opportunity of going with him to catch the morning rays!

While we did manage to spot a few wild Kangaroos along our way…

…visiting the wineries and going to tastings was an incredible experience. I had never gone to a tasting before and to learn about all the different styles of wines and to taste them first hand was an awesome experience. It’s TASTING TIME!

To had the ability to go through Hunter Valley on recommendation of a local which was a special treat because it was not only the touristy destinations, it was also first hand knowledge of having visited a few times previously and from hearing from other locals where the best spots and views were.  We headed to Tamberlaine, McGuigan, Tempus Two, Hungerford Hill, and Petersons. We also checked out the Hunter Vallery Olive Co to taste some olive oils and we went to a few cheese tastings. 

And made it back before dinner. All and all, a fantastic day!

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