Road Trip to Rondeau Provincial Park

Take a road trip from Toronto to Rondeau Provincial Park; located on the shores of Lake Erie is one of Ontario’s southern most provincial parks boasting beautiful fall scenes, a Monarch Butterfly Festival and incredible bird watching.

This provincial park is the perfect spot to find peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of Toronto, so, pack up the car, bring the tent, and have an adventure at Rondeau Provincial Park!

Rondeau Provincial Park's Visitor Center hosts the “Gathering” installation. This installation talks about the indigenous connect in the area and is a great way to learn about how the Indigenous people care for the land. It also discusses the culture of the Aamjiwnaang First Nations and Eelūnaapèewii Lahkèewiit peoples.

As you continue on your way through the visitor centre, there is a birding area where you can watch migrating birds interact with each other and the hummingbirds twirl around the flowers. Bring your cameras, big lenses and your tripods and join the hundreds of photographers who visit the park each year to catch glimpses of endangered birds and migrating species.

hummingbird flying near flowers

One of Rondeau Provincial Park's main attractions is the Monarch Butterfly migration. They migrate through the park and gather together at Canada's southern most point, Middle

Island. Middle Island can't be visited, however Point Peele National Park (a quick day trip drive about 1.5 hours from Rondeau) is a popular spot for tourists to spot clumps of Monarchs before they take off over the great Lakes to continue on their journey. If catching the monarchs is of interest to you, check out the Journey North Map.

Road Trip to Rondeau Provincial Park by Canadian Kelsey

After chasing down all the butterflies, enjoy the fall colours on Spice Bush Trail back in Rondeau Provincial Park. This 1.5km walking loop was easy with mostly flat ground and the ability to see all sorts of frogs and insects. The boardwalk bridges are a favourite in the park as the trees drape over top of you highlighting the changing colours of the fall season. If you want to find the best times to see the fall colours, check out Ontario Parks’ scale here: Ontario Parks’ Fall Colours Scale.

Girl on Bridge looking at fall colours

If you want to go swimming and enjoy unobstructed views, Rondeau certainly has lots of spots to do so! One of the best parts about a vacation is heading to the beach; dip your toes in Lake Erie by heading Rondeau Provincial Park's 11 kilometres of pebble beaches! It’s easy to get to the beach from the campground by using one of their 11 access trails, it’s perfect for a picnic or suntanning!

Reminder to visitors: please do not remove any drift wood from the beaches or take home any pieces to remember the trip to Rondeau because this habitat is essential in protecting the endangered species such as the Fowler’s Toad and Common Five-lined Skink.

Waves crashing girl by the ocean canadian kelsey rowe

If sitting at the shores of Lake Erie is not enough for you, try a canoe hike; a canoe hike is where you get to take a canoe out on the water and explore Rondeau Provincial Park from the water! 

Canoe hikes are scheduled for specific times and interpreters trained in advanced ORCKA levels lead the trips for safety reasons. There are a couple of launch sites, pictured below was the Rondeau Bay side, the waters of the bay tend to be a little calmer throughout the day, making for a more relaxed paddle. The soft warm breeze, the sounds of the water as it ebbs and flows, the smell of the fresh water and the beautiful sight of the leaves beginning to change along the shoreline was almost like a dream during this sunset!

Canoe on the water by Canadian Kelsey

With all the hiking and things to do at Rondeau Provincial Park, you'll have a great vacation while enjoying nature, seeing endangered species and having your own campfire singalong!

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